Meet the artist Bingxin Guo

Let me introduce: Bingxin Guo – a very young, emerging artist, born 1992 in a little town in Henan Province in China. Bingxin is her given name, as in the Chinese culture you usually put the surname in front of the given one.
Foto: Bigxin Guo

Bingxin studied in Henan University for seven years and achieved her master´s degree.
After graduation she went to Shanghai to open her studio.
And even though Bingxin is only 27 years of age, she has a very firm standing in what and how she works on canvas and paper:
Foto: Bingxin Guo

She always works alone, but she gives us an insight to her process:

This fascinates me even more. Like a diary or journal she captures her every day life, inviting the recipent of her art to follow her traces. Bingxins technique is to the point and seems to be bare of every decorative or softening stroke.

Using watercolour on delicate paper, her work is often in danger of being torn, or ripped. At times the potential damages are part of Bingxins work, which matches the frailty and nakedness of her art.

Guo Bingxin invites us to peep into her intimate pictures of ordinary, seemingly mundane scenes of a life which is as small and big as it is to everyone.
Foto: Bingxin Guo

Photos by courtesy of  Bing Xing Guo.


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