Meet the Artist: Anne Notebaert

This is Anne Notebaert:


I never met her in person, even though I´ve been to Antwerp. But as we all know 2020 is a special year. I noticed Anne in March on Instagram and liked her work so much, that I contacted her. And would have loved to meet her in beautiful Antwerp, which I´ve visited in 2018:

Lovely and yummy:

And, as some of you may know: I love the sea:

Which brings me back to Anne Notebaert – the glass-artist whose work seems to have emerged directly out of the ocean:

„The name of my work is „sea perfume“
During sea walks I can smell the sea, feel the wind, the water, the sand, everything moves, everything wiggles.
I try to reflect this sensory experience in my glassware.“


„My glassware smells of the sea and reaches for the sky.“


„My first works were poetic and simple, but by searching further, applying new techniques and continuing to experiment, miraculous creations were created made of fused and cast glass. A new emotion arises, a memory of the sea wonder.“


And it can be quite huge!

Twins Anne_004 - kopie

As well as tiny…

So, let´s just hope and pray for better times… To meet and mingle in wonderful countries and to visit charming Anne Notebaert.

„I like to play, search, experiment and look for the beautiful.“

But til then we´ll stick to the virtual possibilties: Anne Notebaert in the web.

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